Corporate Sustainability

In KIP Consulting, the Corporate Sustainability is: "creation of shared value with and for stakeholders".

We have always believed in a holistic and integrated approach that goes beyond the specific dimensions (economic, environmental, social and governance).

We embrace the thought that it is necessary to contribute to the creation of "future-fit organizations" to allow process of generating value lasts over time.

We deal with the issue of Integrated Corporate Sustainability with a Strategic Partner:

In projects in this area, we make our experiences and skills available to:

  • Conduct participatory workshops to raise awareness on the topic
  • Make the Stakeholder Engagement process effective and efficient
  • Support Scenario Planning

Furthermore, by vocation and passion we are engaged in projects related to Social Sustainability, specifically:

  • Training and guidance for young people entering the world of work
  • Innovation in teaching
  • Support in Diversity & Inclusion projects