Business Organization and Human Resources Management

  • Definition and re-definition of organizational structures
  • Support in searching and selecting of potential candidates to join the staff and in the Employer Branding
  • Support in the definition of organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Plan and implement of business training and development path
  • Sourcing and managing financial aids for lifelong learning and development and innovation projects
  • Support in the generational transition
  • Support defining of evaluation systems and incentive programs
  • Business Coaching and Team Coaching
  • Facilitation Workshop
  • Participatory and innovative teaching
  • Integrated Smartworking Plans

    • Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

    • Strategic HR in Outsourcing” - We strategically support SMEs in Human Resource Management: Research and Selection, Training and Development, Evaluation and Incentive and Exit as well as, in collaboration with the Professionals identified, in the supervision of administrative processes and labor law aspects of personnel
    • "HR Temporary/Fractional Management” - ur senior consultants can take on, temporarily, managerial positions in order to support companies in times of discontinuity, for the creation of an Organizational Unit in charge of Human Resources Management and / or to encourage the growth of Junior profiles appointed to take on the role of HR Manager
    • "HR Easy Check Up” - We are able to provide a 360 ° overview of the Organization and Management of Human Resources in the company in order to be able to identify the main strengths to be exploited and the areas of potential vulnerability. To do this we use a consolidated and codified method that guarantees extreme effectiveness and efficiency as well as maximum independence from possible future development projects